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Delta 8 Savita THC
Delta 8 Savita THC


The flavorful chronic vape cartridges have been carefully crafted to deliver the exotic, smooth taste of our premium live resin cannabinoids. Whether you want to relax, get creative, or just feel good, you can choose from a variety of delicious flavors and take them anywhere you like!

1 Gram

Our Premium Live Resin Cannabinoid

Our Delta 8 THC, HHC + DELTA 8 and DELTA 8 + HHC + THC P vape cartridge uses premium delta 8, paired with amazing terpene strains that give a calm, relaxing and uplifting feeling. Strains include Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid

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Available Strains

Exceptional Premium Live Resin Carts For Any Occasion

Chronic Hemp live resin carts are filled with live resin cannabinoid versions of familiar favorite strains like OG Kush and Blue Dream. We’ve reimagined what it means to smoke chronic and packed everything you’ve been dreaming of into our signature carts. Vaping is simple, and the effects should be too. Thats why we have easy to understand descriptors like uplift, calm and relax to explain what you can expect when you use our vape carts.

Universal Strains and Compatability

You can choose between a pure Delta 8 Cart, a cart with Delta 8 and HHC, or a cart with Delta 8, HHC, and THC P. All carts are available in all your favorite sativa, indica, and hybrid strains including OG Kush,Blue Dream Banana Runtz, Raspberry Lemonade, Wedding Cake, Mimosa Punch, and Forbidden Fruit.

Chronic Hemp’s one gram vape carts work with any standard vape pen or kit, meaning you can easily plug and play them with your favorite chronic pen or any third party pen or rig. Our vape carts and rigs are made with your tendencies in mind. We have a lot of flavors we want you to try, so we made it as easy as we could for you to swap one cart out for another.

Tips for Using Our D8 Disposable Vapes

You can stash away your Chronic vape cartridges anywhere, but we recommend keeping them away from any direct sunlight and hot areas. This preserves the potency of the terpenes and cannabinoids, ensuring the consistent chronic quality you deserve. For easy storage(and a cool display), leave your vape cart in its packaging until you’re ready to use it.

When you’re ready to use one of our vape carts, just screw it into your pen(make sure its charged), turn it on and inhale. To squeeze the most juice out of your vape cart, try storing your pen or rig upright.

For more information about any of our Chronic premium live resin carts, send us a message online.